32Key Musical Keyboard With Microphone


Introducing our 32-Key Musical Keyboard With Microphone – an interactive and educational toy for children.

Key Features:

– 32 Keys Design
– 2 Voices
– Eight to Twelve Demo Songs
– External Power or Battery Option
– Includes Mini Microphone
– Suitable for Ages 3 and Up

Spark your child’s creativity and musical talent with this fun keyboard! Perfect for South African families seeking a versatile toy for their little musicians.


Introducing our 32-Key Musical Keyboard With Microphone – a versatile and entertaining toy that sparks creativity and musical exploration in children.

Key Features and Benefits:

– **32 Keys Design**: Allows for a wide range of musical expression and exploration.
– **2 Voices**: Offers versatility in sound options for enhanced musical experiences.
– **Demo Songs**: Includes eight to twelve pre-selected songs for added entertainment and learning.
– **External Power/Supply**: Can be powered by either external power or four 1.5V AA batteries for convenience.
– **Includes Microphone**: Comes with a mini microphone for interactive vocal play and performances.
– **Educational Benefits**: Helps children learn rhythm, melody, and coordination while fostering a love for music.
– **Safe and Eco-Friendly**: Made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring safety and non-toxicity for children.
– **Suitable for Ages 3 and Up**: Perfect for young children to explore and develop their musical abilities and intelligence.

Enhance your child’s playtime and musical development with our 32-Key Musical Keyboard With Microphone. Ideal for South African families seeking a fun and educational toy for their children.


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