56pc Magnetic Tiles with lights


Unleash boundless creativity with our Ball Track Toy Construction Kit! Featuring magnetic blocks and shapes, children can build anything from pyramids to castles, fostering brain development and critical thinking. Our upgraded magnetic marble run design ensures endless exploration and education. Crafted from safe and durable BPA-free ABS plastic, this kit is perfect for ages 3 and up. Ignite your child’s imagination today with our Ball Track Toy Construction Kit!


Spark your child’s imagination with our Ball Track Toy Construction Kit – where creativity knows no bounds! With magnetic blocks and shapes, little ones can bring their wildest ideas to life, from majestic pyramids to whimsical animals and towering castles.

Featuring a new upgrade magnetic marble run design, this kit takes building to the next level, inspiring endless hours of exploration and invention. It’s not just play – it’s a journey of discovery that fosters brain development, critical thinking, and education in a fun and engaging way.

Crafted from super strong, safe, and durable BPA-free High-Quality ABS plastic, parents can rest easy knowing their child’s playtime is both enriching and secure. Suitable for ages 3 and up, this toy is designed to grow with your child, providing endless opportunities for learning and creativity.

So, why wait? Unleash your child’s potential with our Ball Track Toy Construction Kit and watch as they build, learn, and explore in exciting new ways!


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