Ball Track Bath Toy


Ball Track Bath Toy

You can diversify your child’s bathing moments with the exciting water slide Ball tracks set 6688-362. The essence of this amusing game is to quickly descend a steep and winding hill of little balls-faces, each of which starts from its own platform. The kid will be happy to take part in the launch of the race.


– complies with the technical regulation of toy safety;

– made of high-quality polymer materials;

– the game set consists of 30 elements;

– each component of the slide is presented in different colorful colors;

– the slide is securely attached to a vertical surface using suction cups;

– the set includes 2 balls and 2 capsules that must be launched from the slide;

– 2 launch pads for launching balls;

– size: 28 * 23 * 12.

This game perfectly develops fine motor skills and coordination – the child will sort through small details with his fingers, will be happy to launch balls, develops attentiveness, as well as the perception of colors and shapes.


Introducing our Ball Track Bath Toy, an exciting addition to your child’s bath time routine that promises hours of fun and developmental benefits.

Key Features and Benefits:

– **Safe and Certified**: Complies with toy safety regulations, ensuring a secure play experience for your child.
– **High-Quality Materials**: Made of durable polymer materials, guaranteeing long-lasting enjoyment and safety for your little one.
– **Exciting Gameplay**: The set consists of 30 colorful elements, including a steep and winding slide for balls to race down, providing endless entertainment for your child.
– **Secure Attachment**: Easily attach the slide to a vertical surface using suction cups, ensuring stability during playtime.
– **Includes Accessories**: Comes with 2 balls and 2 capsules for launching down the slide, as well as 2 launch pads for added excitement.
– **Developmental Benefits**: Promotes fine motor skills, coordination, attentiveness, and color and shape recognition, fostering your child’s overall development.


– **Size**: 28 * 23 * 12 cm

Enhance your child’s bath time experience with our Ball Track Bath Toy, the perfect blend of fun and learning.


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