Constructor sports car Lamborghini Dupe Technic JIQILE


Unleash your child’s creativity with the Constructor Sports Car Lamborghini Technic JIQILE! This exciting set, featuring 570 parts, is more than just a toy – it’s a gateway to engineering and imagination. Suitable for kids aged 6 and up, it comes with detailed instructions for easy assembly. With an inertia mechanism, opening doors, and rubber wheels, it offers endless play possibilities. Crafted from durable plastic, it’s built to last. Don’t miss out – ignite your child’s passion for building and adventure today!


Get ready to rev up your child’s imagination with the Constructor Sports Car Lamborghini Technic JIQILE! This thrilling set, comprising 570 parts, is not just a toy – it’s a journey into the world of engineering and creativity. Suitable for aspiring builders from 6 years old and up, this set comes complete with detailed instructions right in the box, making it perfect for solo or collaborative play.

Inspired by the sleek design of sports cars, this Technic set features an incredible inertia mechanism, allowing your child to marvel as their creation races across the floor. With doors that open up and rubber wheels for smooth cruising, every detail is designed to delight and inspire.

Crafted from high-quality plastic, this set is built to withstand hours of playtime fun. And with a package size of 52 cm × 7.5 cm × 35 cm, it’s perfect for gifting and storing. So, why wait? Fuel your child’s passion for engineering and adventure with the Constructor Sports Car Lamborghini Technic JIQILE today!


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