DIY Headphones


Create your own design  Jewelry headset with this do it yourself kit High-quality headphones with thick, soft ear pads in bright pink Adjustable lime green headband Includes headphones with adjustable headband and cord, headphone stickers, gems, gem strips


Unleash your child’s inner artist with our Create-Your-Own Design Jewelry Headset Kit! Transform high-quality headphones into a personalized masterpiece that’s as unique as your little one. Featuring plush, bright pink ear pads and an adjustable lime green headband, these headphones aren’t just for listening – they’re for expressing creativity!

Inside the kit, you’ll find everything needed for a dazzling DIY adventure: adjustable headphones with cords, vibrant headphone stickers, shimmering gems, and gem strips. Watch as your child’s imagination comes to life, customizing their headset with sparkling gems and colorful designs.

With thick, soft ear pads for comfort and style, this kit is more than just a toy – it’s a wearable work of art! Give your child the gift of self-expression and creativity with our Create-Your-Own Design Jewelry Headset Kit today.


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