Ibaby Portable Bed Separator


– Portable design, very convenient for travel
– Easy to use. Fold to store. Folds easily and compactly for travel. Portable for camping, and travel
– Equipped with light and music, which could assist the baby fall asleep easily
– Creates a separate sleeping space for co-sleeping babies in the adult bed
– Could be used as a travel bed or daytime napper
– Two rigid, vented wall units serve as a barrier between baby and parent’s bed
– Soft night light for convenience when checking on the baby
– Use as a safe and secure separate area for a baby sleeping in an adult bed
– Sound and the light unit offers a soft light and soothing womb sounds to help create the perfect sleeping environment for your little one
– Removable incline wedge to help baby sleep
– Should not be used in cribs and bassinets

– Material: Cotton cloth
– Bed size: 73cm x 41cm x 14cm
– Power: 2 x AA batteries (not included)

What’s in the box
1 x Baby Separated Bed


Introducing the iBaby Portable Bed Separator, your ultimate solution for creating a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one, whether you’re at home or on the go.

Key Features and Benefits:

– **Portable Design**: Perfect for travel and camping, this bed separator folds easily and compactly, ensuring convenience wherever you go.
– **Light and Music**: Equipped with gentle light and soothing music, it aids in calming your baby and promoting peaceful sleep, ideal for bedtime routines.
– **Separate Sleeping Space**: With two rigid, vented wall units, this separator creates a secure barrier between your baby and your bed, offering peace of mind during co-sleeping.
– **Versatile Use**: Use it as a travel bed or daytime napper, providing a familiar and safe space for your baby wherever you are.
– **Soft Night Light**: The soft night light provides convenient visibility for checking on your baby without disturbing their sleep.
– **Soothing Sounds**: The built-in sound unit offers comforting womb sounds, fostering a serene sleeping environment for your little one.
– **Incline Wedge**: Includes a removable incline wedge to help your baby sleep comfortably.
– **Safety Reminder**: Please note, this product should not be used in cribs or bassinets, ensuring your baby’s safety at all times.


– **Material**: Made of durable cotton cloth for comfort and longevity.
– **Bed Size**: Measures 73cm x 41cm x 14cm, providing ample space for your baby’s rest.
– **Power**: Operates on 2 x AA batteries (not included), offering convenient usage without the need for cords.

What’s in the Box:

– 1 x iBaby Separated Bed

Invest in the iBaby Portable Bed Separator today and provide your baby with a peaceful and secure sleeping environment, whether at home or away. Perfect for South African families seeking convenience and safety for their little ones.


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