Large Activity Playpen


Includes 30 balls
● Fabric Playpen is easy to assemble. It provides a good space for your little one to play in, yet it is easy to place anywhere in your home. It`s a great way to give your child freedom to move around, yet ensure they are in a safe place.
● It comes with ventilating mesh walls for easy visibility and a zip-opening door which allows for easy access. It`s easy to maintain. You can wipe it clean or remove the fabric and place it in the wash.
● It will arrive to you safely in a well packaged box to ensure the best quality.
● Suitable age range: designed for children up to 36 months old



Introducing our Large Activity Playpen, a versatile and safe space for your little one to explore and play, complete with 30 balls for added entertainment.

Key Features and Benefits:

– **Easy Assembly**: The fabric playpen is effortless to set up, providing a spacious area for your child to play while remaining easy to position anywhere in your home.
– **Safe and Secure**: With ventilating mesh walls for visibility and a zip-opening door for convenient access, this playpen offers a secure environment for your child to roam freely while ensuring their safety.
– **Easy Maintenance**: Designed for convenience, the playpen is easy to clean with a simple wipe or by removing the fabric for machine washing, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.
– **Quality Packaging**: Your playpen will arrive safely in a well-packaged box, guaranteeing the highest quality and ensuring it reaches you in perfect condition.
– **Suitable for Ages**: Designed for children up to 36 months old, this playpen provides a versatile space for toddlers to explore and play safely.


Invest in our Large Activity Playpen today to provide your child with a secure and enjoyable play area, promoting freedom of movement while maintaining safety and peace of mind. Perfect for families seeking a convenient and versatile playpen solution for their little ones.


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